The municipal symphony orchestra

Mokpo Municipal Symphony Orchestra, established in 1983, is the only municipal symphony orchestra in Jeonnam. It shares cultural lifestyle with the local society through 4 regular concerts per year, 30 or so times of gala concerts, and planned concerts such as gala concert, the night of songs, the night of concertos, and visiting concert, and communicate with Mokpo citizens by music: It has become a symphony orchestra that represents Honam.

Also, with excavation of gukak (Korean classical music) and combination with orchestra it has a big share in the globalization of Korean culture, and in order to become a symphony orchestra that can become even closer to the audience it is planning to perform not only traditional classical music but also popular music, crossovers, and other various activities.

Metropolitan choir

Mokpo Metropolitan Choir, established in 1985, after its founding concert, it is contributing to Mokpo citizen's spiritual cultivation and musical improvements, and as a professional choir it is performing its role as a front-runner of chorus improvements.

It is trying its hardest to make a model of 21st century's Korean choir music, and it has performed in a total of 50 regular concerts and 150 or so concerts. Through Namdo Municipal Singing Festival it is a choir that has received much love from people of Gyeungsangnam-do and Jeollanam-do.

Mokpo Metropolitan Choir has participated in nation's Great Harmony Music Festival, opened in Sejong Culture Hall, as Honam's representative in 1988,

and in 1990 they had Great Choir Concert with 500 people and 8 appearances in opera. In 1994, through Hawaii Korean Invitation Concert they have successfully finished performance for overseas Koreans.

Municipal Dance Company

Mokpo Municipal Dance Company was established in 1980 and until today, through passing down and recreation of Korean folk dance and making creative dance into theatre performance, it has had an essential role as missionary of high class cultural art of Mokpo, the city of arts.

After establishment, through passions and efforts of choreographers and members it has heightened the artistic completeness of traditional dance, and through performances that communicate with citizen's emotions and touch people's hearts it has continuously tried hard to make traditional dance more popular among people.

Mokpo Municipal Dance Company has, with the goal of branding, popularizing, and globalizing Korean dance, it has widened the boundary of local culture arts by excavating cultural assets, both tangible and intangible, that can show the regionalism of Mokpo area, passing down tradition, and recreating in modern style.

Mokpo Municipal Dance Company, formed with 20 or so members who has, through systematic development of repertory and vast stage experiences, best abilities and artistic qualities, is, not only in Korea but also in overseas, fantastically doing its job as a promoting ambassador of culture, displaying Korea's high-class culture arts.

Municipal Theatrical Troupe

Mokpo Municipal Theatrical Troupe, made after a long period of longing by Mokpo's theatrical people, was made in 1995. It is, as a cradle of Mokpo theatre, leading enlargement of base of Mokpo area's theatrical population, through high-class work activities, and development of Mokpo's theatre.

Also, with its establishing performance, " kkon-myeo-neu-ri" (flower daughter-in-law), it has won in National Theatre Festival group award, product award, and acting award. Afterwards, it has presented valuable works such as "Island of Fog",

"City Escape", "Claws of Admiral Oh", "Spring Days", "Father", "Trapped Cat", "Yandeogwon Story", and many more that received great ratings from the audience, and it has participated in "Masan International Theatrical Festival" many times as a part of Young Honam Theater Exchange, and provided footing in Young Honam Theatre Exchange.

Municipal Youth Choir

Mokpo Municipal Youth Choir has, after establishment in 1986 (1st conductor: Yun Mi-ung), starting with the 1st regular concert in October 1st 1988, had 26 regular concerts so far, and participated in Thailand's Bankok LIttle Choir Mokpo invitation concert, various other invitation musical concerts, and exchange concert with Japanese adolescents. It also visits places that need our attention and love, such as local schools and churches, and shares love with beautiful melodies.

What is noteworthy is, the choir has, for those neighbors suffering from incurable disease around us, who are excluded and having hardship, gave strength and courage through 15th (warming the dying life with our love) and 16th concert (FOR THE DREAM with our love).

Also, it is, under the conduct of conductor Kim Jang-sung (October 2006-current), following predecessors 2nd conductor Ju Yeon-hui and 3rd conductor Go Eun-ju, together with children, musical dreams of the future who will lead 21st century, it is taking a big step toward a new leap, and it is doing many activities as an adolescent culture ambassador that represents Mokpo, the city of arts, while developing as a youth choir that can give Mokpo citizens pride.

Municipal Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts

Mokpo Municipal Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, established in 1976, is the first Korean traditional performing arts specialized education institute in Korea, made as a municipal center for Korean traditional performing arts, for improvement of the region's improvement in Korean traditional performing arts. It has lead the development of superior talented population in Korean traditional performing arts, and even today many from the center (O Jung-hye, Yun Jin-cheol, etc.) are spreading their fame all over the country. Currently, centering the 2nd assistant director, Park Su-gyeong, 3 professors and instructors, and 60 or so students, through hard effort, has won President's Award, Premier Award, Chairmen of Congress Award, MinisterofEducation & Human Resources DevelopmentAward,andmanymore.

It has 100% entrance rate to famous domestic universities such as Seoul University, Korea National University of Arts, Chungang University, Hanyang University, Dongguk University, Kyunghee University, Chonnam National University, Chungbuk National University, and others. Also, with superior ability, it has participated in the region's festivals, such as 1-18th Mokpo Municipal Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts' regular concerts and special invitation concerts with Korean traditional performing artists, 1-7th "Patriotic Veteran's Moon" Korean Traditional Performing Arts Banquet for citizens, together with veteran families, 1-11th Midsummer Night's Korean Traditional Performing Arts Banquet Mokpo Marine Culture Festival, and visited deprived facilities, so it had a total of about 400 domestic performances. Through overseas performances, such as invitation to Japan for 4 times, Uzbekistan invitation concert, and Chinese Chilin province invitation concert, it has expressed the essence of Namdo Korean traditional performing arts. It is also leading the popularization of Korean traditional performing arts and widening of the area of Korean traditional performing arts' population.