Yudalsan Dulle-gil Trail

After enjoying Mokpo Shisa, which was established by Jung Man-jo, a great scholar of the end of Korean Empire, in 1907 and a grouping location of local educated men, Cheolgeotap tower of Dalseong-sa, and Korea's first outdoor sculpture park's works, seeing Aphaedaegyo Bridge which connects Shinan-gun and Mokpo, the sunset that soaks Gohado Mokpodaegyo Bridge area with redness from Nakjodae Terrace, and big and small ships that pass them by is beautiful. (6.3km, estimated time of about 2hours and 30minutes).

Yudalsan Parking Lot, Mokpo Shisa, Dalseong-sa, Specific Native Botanical Garden, Yudalsan Sculpture Park, Fisherman Park, Bonghusaeng, Nakjodae, Arirang Hill, Basin Ttukbang-gil, Hagangsa, Yudalsan Rest Area 6.3km, estimated time of about 2hours and 30minutes

Mokpo Shisa

Cheolgeomintap Tower

Fisherman Park

Night scene of Mokpodaegyo Bridge