Tourism guidance1330

Tourism Information Telephone 1330,

managed by Korean Tourism Public Corporation, is a Korea's representative number for tourism guiding that provides various information to domestic and foreign tourists regarding Korean tourism. In the reality of Korean tourism where the most inconvenient difficulties for Korean tour is language difficulties, according to every year's survey by foreign tourists, Tourism Information Telephone 1330 is becoming a very useful service.
Regular phone, cell phone, pay phone : 1330

Do you wish to tell foreign tourists or foreigners residing in Korea about information regarding Korean tourism? Tourism Information Telephone 1330 is serviced not only in Korean but also in English, Japanese, and Chinese, and not only does it give answers to questions about tourism but also it gives translation services through phone.

1330 is operated 24 hours and is free of charge.

Are you looking for tourism information from internet or books? Tourism Information Telephone 1330 can solve these problems for you right away! 1330 tries continuously not only by educating its employees thoroughly regarding telephone response and service, but also by making field investigations of the tourism spots regularly to provide accurate information, and other things to improve the quality of service.